Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

I love the new year and new beginnings. It energizes me and gets me back on track. I plan and set goals for cleaning, purging and redecorating. Some of the projects get done right away and others get put aside for a while, but for the most part it happens. I just wish I could keep the energy going all of the time...sounds like another goal. Here are some things that could make a difference in 2009: Avoid collagen, Bloom late, Celebrate, Dance at weddings, Eat more chocolate, Fall in love again, Go gray, Hold hands, Inspire, Jettison grudges, Kiss like you mean it, Laugh, Mend fences, Nurture friendships, Open doors, Perspire with aplomb, Quit whining, Rekindle romance, Spoil babies, Teach someone to read, Upset convention, Volunteer, Wear red, eXpect joy, Yield gracefully, Zing!

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