Friday, March 27, 2009

Waiting for Avia

I love sheep! I have a small collection and allow my grand-daughter to play with them. She is very gentle and enjoys rearranging them. The first pic shows the 'Lamies" waiting for her to arrive. A day or so after she visited, this is what I found. She is just the epitome of cuteness!
I made 25 of these little journals for the young women in our stake who are graduating from high school. I included a pen with each gift. I glued a thought about writing down important things on the inside of the journal.
“Memory, according to the experts, often conditions our moods. Those who remember only the disappointing experiences of life tend to become bitter and cynical. Those who recall only their enemies and the forces lined up against them may lose their courage. Those who recall only past injuries may continue to battle with the world. But those who recall the positive and encouraging times, remain bright and optimistic. Do we not read that records kept by the ancients enlarged the memory of the people? Of course, it is true. Records do preserve language, safeguard truth, and inspire future readers, if they are kept properly. What a pity it would be if your children and grandchildren were denied that part of you that really should be recorded. Make certain that you are passing on to your posterity, along with other graces of life, your innermost thoughts, your deep feelings, and your sincere testimonies. You owe the rising generation this blessing and more. I testify of the importance of memory. It does mold our moods. It is associated with testimony. It should include models of righteousness. Of a certainty, it is the product of thoughts. And, in the end, it is you.” Carlos E. Asay

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