Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bull's Eye quilt

Love this pattern. I am making this for my son Clint and his fiancee Gina. She loves the bright modern look. I'll add more pics as I go along. Here's the cute couple! They are to be married May 28.


  1. Way cute quilt! I started one last summer that is similar to that only it is squares instead of circles. So fun! I am excited for Clint and Gina! By the way, the previous comment was actually from me, but I didn't know I was signed in as my mom, so that is why it was deleted... :)

  2. I love the bullseye quilt! I've made 2. They are so fun. I really like your color scheme too! good job!

  3. Sherrie, I LOVE this quilt! I hope I get to peak at it in person when you are done. I think it's wonderful!

  4. Hi Sherrie!
    I saw on Amy's blog (Diary of a Quilter) that you did machine quilting for her... and I'm wondering if you accept other commissions too? I normally hand quilt, but I've got so many quilt ideas in-progress right now that I'm definitely going to need to hire someone to machine quilt a few of them. Otherwise they're going to start to take over - LOL!

    If it IS something you're in the business of doing, would you email me and we could see if we might be able to work together? I live in the Salt Lake area.

    Thank you!
    (My blog: www.inspired.typepad.com)