Thursday, January 14, 2010

New quilts

First quilts of 2010. Do you think I could make one a month? I needed to make a mini quilt from 'Little Quilts' for a class at the store. I chose bow ties and made two so I could have one at home. On the second one I flipped a couple of the blocks and changed the whole look! Did you notice I used the exact fabric in each one?
A cute quilt I machine quilted for a customer.


  1. You are just too cute Sherrie! I love looking at all your fabulous creations!

    Enjoy your new stove!


  2. Thanks Cathy. Problem with the stove...our opening for the range is a wee bit to small!!! Waiting for a response from the granite countertop installer. Really funny that I am using it in the middle of the kitchen floor! he-he