Wednesday, November 3, 2010

September/October...Wait...where did they go??!

Oh how quickly time slips by! A lot has happened. A luncheon craft day with friends. Here is the treat table. Notice how we are trying to be healthy. And the craft, we painted 2"x12" boards then applied a cute vinyl pumpkin that our friend created. Sooo cute! Look how cute the one with the bright orange pumpkin is!
I came home and added a little dark stain to mine.
A few weeks earlier we made a fall display. We first painted the wood different fall colors, then applied the vinyl letters. We painted the wood right over the letters. Let it dry and peeled off the vinyl. This is what happened. For the leaf, I put down a vinyl leaf 'stencil' and painted the opening green.
Halloween! Our darling 4 year old granddaughter and 4 month old grandson.
Our so cute 2 year old grandson.
The cute little bunch!
In October we took my parents and went to Missouri and Nauvoo for a vacation. Saw a lot of sky.
Looking toward the Nauvoo temple.
Course I took pictures of the vintage quilts! Love the rug also.
A peek of the Mississippi river at sunset.
My aunt and uncle are serving a church mission there. A pic of them and the parents.
Some lovely things we saw...
Saw LOTS of Canadian geese.
Love this corner kitchen.
Beautiful sampler!
Lovely tiny log cabin quilt. I think the center sqare was 1/2".
So...September and October happened with a wonderful trip, surgery on my knee, (torn meniscus), crafts, trees changing their colors and of course, friends 'n' family fun. I so love the fall. My very favorite time of the year!
What is your favorite season?


  1. What fun crafts you have done! I also love the pictures of all vintage quilts! I am so glad you had fun in Nauvoo!

  2. You have too much fun! Stop it! LOL! J/K! XOXO....all your things are simply fabulous! Love the picture of your parents and the aunt and uncle! So great you and Kent took them for a visit!